"Everybody’s got a plan until they get smacked in the face"

Self defense is a short list of techniques that may get you out alive when you’re already doomed

About Krav Maga

In Hebrew, Krav Maga translates as “contact combat”. It was first recognised as a formal system when it was used to train recruits to the Israeli Defence Force. After studying their instinctive responses under pressure, Lichtenfeld honed and adapted the reactions to be as efficient and powerful as possible in a fight.

Krav Maga Self Defense Training

What is the definition of Self-defense or private defense is a action or reaction that involves defending oneself, one’s property, or the well-being of another from injury or serious harm.


Having started weekly group classes in Port Elizabeth in October 2012, the feedback from a diverse group of people has been astounding.  Continue reading for some honest insight into what positive effects attending Krav Maga IKMFSA classes can have on an individual and why you need to be in the training room before the day ends!