Krav Maga Self Defense Classes for Women

Self Defense classes for women are extremely important as women are seen to be vulnerable to lurking predators. Krav Maga self defense classes for women aim to address the vulnerability issues using various training methods and techniques.

  • Fitness:
    Krav Maga demands a high level of fitness which is essential when it comes to defending yourself. Having said this no-one is expected to have maximum fitness from day one. This is a gradual process using training methods that allow the individual to build both strength and stamina.
  • Focus:
    During the training session you’ll learn the important aspects of focus which will ultimately keep you calm and collective during a traumatic experience. The more focused you are the more you will be able to think your way out of potential life threatening situations.
  • Confidence:
    Krav Maga training will build your confidence both physically, mentally as well as emotionally. You’ll have the opportunity to train with men thus giving you a marker from which you can judge your ability to defend yourself. Confidence is good in being able to defend yourself.
  • Awareness:
    During the Krav Maga classes, ¬†you’ll learn better awareness. Awareness takes away the element of surprise which any predator needs in order to subdue his victim effectively and efficiently. Building your awareness will help you read situations a lot better, thus assisting you in avoiding conflicts long before they’re likely to happen which could save your life.

When training you will start at a pace you are comfortable with, and as you progress so your training will become more intense. What you put in will be what you get out. Never overdo training as this will increase your chance for injury and will ultimately set you back from your goals.

We look forward to seeing you at our classes. If you have any questions and or queries please feel free to contact us anytime.