Krav Maga Self Defense Training

What is the definition of Self-defense or private defense is a action or reaction that involves defending oneself, one’s property, or the well-being of another from injury or serious harm.

The best self defense training one can do is on situational awareness(Situation awareness involves being aware of what is happening in the vicinity, in order to understand how events, and one’s own actions will impact goals and objectives, both immediately and in the near future.)Looking around while going to your vehicle or having keys out before getting to vehicle …remember if you have a more professional presence about yourself paying attention to what’s happening around you and not having your face looking down at phone while walking you will reduce your chance remarkably but not being a Victim.

Before one can truly understand how to protect oneself you must first understand how your attacker thinks and how his brain works. We talk about colour code system as per picture. Now take the different colours and start with white this in say when you are sleeping unaware, so as you now go thru what happens after you wake up you just move one colour up for example white-sleeping yellow-waking up orange-doing your routine for getting ready for work red-driving in vehicle and black- being attacked. Now use this table to see if you were asleep condition white and an attacker where to jump on you what will happen to you ….you would go to condition black right….right so this is how your attackers system works to if you fight back he goes from whatever colour he was in to condition black which gives you that split second to defend not only yourself but loved ones to.

How it works is these are the processes your brain goes thru while under attack as does your attacker..So it works the same in class you will learn how to use this to your advantage.

We also make use of the OODA Loop system is like 4 circles in one this is what your brain will do not matter if under attack or going thru daily routine or meeting someone for the first time. You Observe someone you know you then orientate yourself to how are you going to approach him /her you then decide on how and you finally act on it now this happens in an attack to you see the attacker with a knife in his right hand you then orientate …how am I going to defend it ….what can I use you then decide on taking a chair..You take it and hit him with it. Now that sounded very easy but its not one has to find a proper training school that takes real life situations and breaks them down from experience and training is done 100% aggression, speed and accuracy.