Having started weekly group classes in Port Elizabeth in October 2012, the feedback from a diverse group of people has been astounding.  Continue reading for some honest insight into what positive effects attending Krav Maga IKMFSA classes can have on an individual and why you need to be in the training room before the day ends!

To whom it may concern: My son, Robert Jansen van Vuuren, has been attending Krav Maga classes for the last couple of months. Although I was sceptical at first, I have seen a growth and huge progress in Robert – not only in his self-assurance and confidence but also in his fitness level, physical appearance and self-discipline. I can only speak well and encourage other parents to send their children to attend Krav Maga Classes Mrs L. Jansen van Vuuren, mother to Robert, Krav student, 17yrs old

Dear Jacques, Since Chris started attending Krav Maga Classes, we have noticed not only a great improvement in his health and fitness levels, but also major changes in his character and personality. His self-esteem and self-confidence has increase dramatically. He is also showing better self-control and strengthened willpower. At home, Chris is a lot more respectful and patient with others, and is definately less impulsive and irritable. We have noticed an absolute attitude change regarding his school work and studies. He is discplined and is putting in a lot more effort than before! Thank you for the hard work and effort. It is working.”? Amanda van der Westhuizen, mother to Chris, Krav student, 18?yrs old

Awesome training. You have to love the sadomasochistic, push harder, faster principle. Discover who you are by surviving every training session. never felt better since joining. Physically stronger, mentally tougher and feeling 10 years younger. Graham Changfoot, Krav student , 46 yrs old

Really enjoyed your talk at the Satellite Rotary Club of Diverse Generations the other day. Looking forward to more! Steven Lancaster, Rotary Club